Certified Human Behavior Consultant

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Lisa may look pretty laid back, but put your seatbelt on because when she partners with you to get your business to the next level her passion is contagious.  She is completely committed to helping women like YOU find their hidden gifts and monetize their passion.  With her help, you will learn to navigate obstacles and create a business where you will thrive.

If you are tired of cookie-cutter approaches to solving your business problems, fear not!  Her years of experience enable her to get to know you and design a program to bring out your unique potential in a very short period of time.  After just one session it’s not unusual for clients to say things like, “You really get me” or “I didn’t realize people would find value in that” or “Wow, that really would make my business run more smoothly.”

She specializes in helping you find your unique selling proposition, your target market, and crafting messages that will help you connect with your audience.

If you are a passionate and driven woman who is looking to leave her mark on this world, schedule a quick call with Lisa to discover the best next step for your journey.