Invest in yourself

Is money tight?

I get it!  You have the dream, you have the drive, but you don’t have the cash to make it happen.

Take that drive and use it to make the sacrifices that will get you there.  I know these won’t fulfill your dreams, but it will help pave the way.  Is it worth it?

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  1. Mow lawns
  2. Walk dogs
  3. Sell your talent.  Make pies, tutor some kids, what can you do?  What do people ask you for?
  4. Babysit
  5. Clean out your closet, garage, and basement.  Sell your stuff!
  6. Did you just buy something you don’t need?  Return it!
  7. Do you have a room you can rent?  Or driveway space?  Or a shed?
  8. Grow a garden and sell what you grow.
  9. Request lower interest rates on your credit cards.
  10. Does your bank charge you fees?  Call them to waive your fees or switch banks.
  11. Call for insurance quotes and switch companies.
  12. Cut cable.
  13. Find a lower rate for your phone.
  14. Ask people in your industry if they have tips on how to save money while starting their business (or whatever you are investing in).