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#4: Watch The 6 Steps to Six Figures on Social Media Webinar

Home & Health Resources

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  • Spend less time in the kitchen
  • Make healthier meal choices
  • Create meals your whole family will love

Find Meal Plans

Do you need to find more time each week?  This was the game-changer for me.  Between meal planning and having a meal prep day I:

  • Don’t waste time wondering what’s for dinner each day
  • Spend less time in the kitchen each day
  • Am not tempted to eat out, thereby saving money and calories
  • Don’t compromise my workflow by having to take chunks out of my day for meals

Make a Difference

Start a Fundraiser

Do you have a worthy cause that needs some funding?  Start your own fundraiser.  Click here to learn more.  

Buy a Meal. Share a Meal.

At Epicure, we believe everyone deserves good food—good food that fuels us; good food that helps our children to grow and learn; good food that’s nutritious; good food that families can depend on. Good food is a necessity for every person, and the reason we established our Buy a Meal, Share a Meal program.  

Every day, millions of people across Canada and the US depend on food bank assistance to feed their families. With every Mac & Cheese Seasoning you buy, we donate a meal to one of these families in need. We’ve teamed up with Food Banks Canada and Feeding America to help ensure no one in Canada or the US goes hungry.  

Make meals for sick friends or families in need

Get a group of friends together, plan and cook together, and bless someone.