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What makes this devotional different?

This devotional is designed for whatever kind of day you're having. Whether you're short on time, looking for a deeper dive, or in the mood for something fun, there's something for everyone.

Short on time or want a deeper dive?

Each week we offer both a short devotional and guided journal prompts

More than just a devotional

We focus on one or two verses all week long, and help you look at it from different angles.

  • Short devotional

  • Guided journal prompts to help you dive deeper

  • Guides to help you get more out of God's Word


Sometimes you need more than just reading

  • Coloring pages to help you focus as you meditate on God's word

  • Word searches to help you memorize scripture

  • Growth Planner to help you commit to taking action as you learn and grow in your faith

Guided Prayer

It's more than just learning.  

  • Questions to help you reflect & pray

  • Space to prayer journal

  • Prayer request sheets

Amazon Reviews for Regaining Hope

As someone who has walked through seasons of pain and questioning, this guide struck a deep chord. This book isn't just a daily devotional; it's a compassionate companion that understands the tumult of seeking light amidst darkness. The guided journal prompts and motivational Bible verses provided daily nourishment and space for reflection, which was crucial for processing my struggles. Engaging with the scriptures through personalized activities helped me to see my pains through a lens of hope and renewal. Each page felt like a step forward on a path to healing, making this book a cherished tool in my journey toward a deeper, more resilient relationship with God. Perfect for anyone enduring tough times and looking for a heartfelt guide back to spiritual strength.


"Regaining Hope: A 13-Week Guide for Hope When It Hurts" was provided by my Bible study group during a challenging time. This concise guide offers practical Bible study, scripture memorization, and prayer exercises that foster deep personal reflection and healing. Its empathetic tone and structured approach make it a valuable resource for anyone seeking solace and strength through faith. Highly recommended for its clarity and supportive guidance.

Mike C.

I loved how this book made Bible reading, study, and reflection feel not only doable, but natural. Each day's entry suggests a short Bible passage for reading, then asks questions and/or provides activities to help you reflect on the day's reading and apply it to your own life. This would be a FANTASTIC resource for anyone who is wanting to start a regular Bible study habit but is unsure of where or how to start.

Grab it on Amazon

Amazon Reviews for Releasing Anxiety

I was looking for something to help me with my OCD & Anxiety. This book was a huge relief it guide you through it and teaches you how to deal with it and get through it. It also gave me a better understanding of spirituality and how it all connects. I definitely recommend it especially if you suffer from OCD, and ADHD.

Kizzy R.

With a background both in psychology and theology, I like how this book combines the two in an intelligent way. This isn't a quick fix, but more like a slow turn that is continuous and lasting.

J. Michael

If you're religious, this book will make you see familiar bible verses in a new light, and if you're not religious it will give you comfort in a new perspective. I'm agnostic and got comfort and bravery from this book. It's a nice reminder that we have to - and can - be strong.

Erin Lee

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Amazon Reviews for Who Am I?

Really enjoying this devotional! Love it so much I ordered two more for Christmas gifts!


Love the large print.  Great daily activities to assist in learning scripture


Easy to use and good for me. Easy to memorize for me because of harder time with retention.


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