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lisa thurston

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Hey there!

I'm Lisa Thurston.

I am passionate about helping Christian women deepen their love for Jesus, maximize their God-given potential, and use their gifts to make a difference in the world. 

From helping you stay on track with your spiritual journey, to discovering your God-given gifts, to finding your purpose, I'm dedicated to helping women find who God created them to be.

Here’s what I know…

Most Christians hit a crossroads early on in their faith.

  • They see start comparing themselves with others and feel they have nothing significant to offer.

  • They get distracted and find it hard to make their faith a priority.

  • They get confused, frustrated, and aimless.

But how do they get past that? I totally get it. There have been so many times that I've faced each of these and have had to find my way past them. 


Here's my story.

I’ve been helping people unlock their potential since 2010. But before that? I was just like you.

  • Struggling to find my place in this world. Known by who I was associated with rather than who I am. I was always Ron’s daughter, Jonathan’s sister, Gilbert’s wife…but not really for an identity of my own.

  • I was bored. My faith became routine and not life-changing at all.

  • I had other goals and dreams. These weren't in conflict with my faith, by I gave all my time and energy to them, leaning on my own strength, not God.

My relationship with God became just another thing on the checklist, and my passion for Him became a distant memory.  

I felt like there was a tug-of-war. It wasn't a conscious feeling, but the results were the same. 

And the tug-of-war made me tired. So tired.  

    What I didn’t realize at the time was that I didn't need to make a choice. God was working through it all. He was working for me, not against me. I was just so embedded in what I was doing I couldn't hear what He was saying yet. I think intuitively I knew this, but my mind was always pulling me in other directions, saying things like:

  • Look at your to-do list. Hurry through your time with God and get to work!

  • What if you tried this? You have to do that! Everyone says....

  • How does my faith fit with my goals? What kind of choices do I have to make?

  • Squirrel!


Is this starting to sound familiar? If you’re like most people I talk to, you can relate.

But then, little by little, God's voice started to get through...

  • I created a prayer journal that got me out of the rut of my prayer list and helped my prayer life come alive and prioritize my day His way.

  • I created a devotional that kept me engaged and was built with flexibility to handle my "squirrel" days and my desire to go deeper into His word.

  • I saw how God was bringing my various passions, talents, and experiences together to create something incredible.

  • It was then that the exhaustion turned into excitement, and that excitement was contagious. My conversations went from bland and redundant to igniting others passion for Christ again. My first book ALMOST hit the best seller list. The road before me went from feeling like I was on a hamster wheel to a long refreshing journey with Jesus by my side. 

    As for me personally? Well, I got to focus on doing what I love, looking forward to each work day, and ending each day feeling fulfilled.  

    This journey is just beginning. I'm not sure how it all will come together or what's around the next bend. But I know I'm not walking it alone, I know He sees around the corning, and I know I'm safe in the palm of His hand.

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